Service Guide

Condominium management business
Depending on the management of condominiums, the asset value will change significantly.
We strive to provide attentive services from visible to invisible parts.
Administrative work
The most important thing in being entrusted by the management association is the administrative work. Especially for the financial part, I think that it must be bright.
[Monthly Financial Statements]
We will report monthly in an easy-to-understand format.
[About Accrued Accounts Receivable]
After the accrued occurrence, telephone, reminder, and local reminder will be sent for four months.

Cleaning work
[Daily cleaning]
Pick-up or wiping
Dust removal, such as handrails, fixtures, etc., wiping the color
Collection process of paper waste, etc.
Washing with water
Glass color wipe
[Regular cleaning]
Floor washing and wax
Glass cleaning
Dusting of lighting fixtures
Cleaning of the water tank
Drainage pipe cleaning

Management staff
[Reception work]
Response with foreign and residents
Reception of various notifications, etc.
[Inspection work]
Inspection of buildings, equipment, etc.
[Standing work]
Attending equipment maintenance and inspection
Standing for common part repair work
Cleaning work, standing in garbage collection, etc.
[Reporting and communication services]
Record of business journal
Management of bulletin boards
Periodic reporting and emergency communication, etc.
[Administrative assistance]
Subsidy for facility management
Subsidy for receivable dunning business

Equipment management business
Elevator equipment maintenance and inspection
Maintenance and inspection of electrical equipment
Firefighting equipment maintenance and inspection
Maintenance and inspection of water supply and drainage sanitation equipment
Inspection of the exterior of buildings and outdoor facilities
Planting management business

Hotel service business
Service agency of various facilities with high quality and low price.
We provide high-quality and low-cost services such as accommodation facilities (city hotels, business hotels, resort hotels, inns) and various facilities (recreation centers, training centers, and nursing homes) in Shizuoka, Yamanashi, and Kanagawa Prefectures.

Room cleaning and bed make-up
Daily cleaning is an important task to maintain the grade of the room forever, and we provide a clean and comfortable room space for each and every guest.

We manage tableware, glasses, silverware, etc. with large washing machines and hand washing machines. In addition, we pay close attention to handling tableware to prevent maintenance and damage, and maintain high quality value.

Home affairs
In order to quickly provide our customers with cooked dishes, such as setting up in a banquet hall and transporting dishes, we thoroughly cooperate with our staff. We also offer futon sores in guest rooms.

Bathroom cleaning
Guests who use hotels and inns enjoy cooking and bathing. In particular, in order to maintain cleanliness and aesthetics for those who seek healing, we clean hot springs from the customer's point of view every day.

Equipment and inspection management
Facilities and inspection work by building professionals.
In accordance with the characteristics of the facility, we carry out resident management, maintenance, maintenance, and repair work of various facilities by qualified persons.
In addition, in order to respond to the increasing sophistication and complexity of equipment in recent years, we are constantly improving our level through internal and external training. We strive every day to provide an environment where customers can live with peace of mind.

Building ancillary equipment
Please leave the legal inspection such as automatic door, elevator maintenance and inspection, roof drain, waterproof layer maintenance and repair of the roof, special building investigation, etc.
Construction work of partition walls associated with re-replacement and remodeling of screen doors
Various statutory inspections

Electrical equipment management
Our specialized engineers perform everything from maintenance and inspection to construction work reliably and accurately. Please leave the annual inspection of the reception and substation by 24 license holders.
Inspection and maintenance of automatic control equipment
Inspection and maintenance of various security equipment
Lighting fixture installation and various wiring work
Various statutory inspections

Air conditioning equipment management
In addition to the maintenance and cleaning of cooling towers in large facilities, we also leave Legionella testing, disinfection, water quality analysis, sales delivery of input chemicals, and input management to us.
Filter cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners for home and business use
Inspection and maintenance of air conditioners with cold and cold water
Inspection and maintenance of air conditioning refrigerators and boilers
Range hood inspection and maintenance from the ventilation fan of the toilet
Inspection and maintenance of various pumps
Repair work above

Water supply and drainage hygiene management
From piping cleaning, miscellaneous drainage tanks, sewage tanks, hot spring tanks to inspection and cleaning of water tanks. If you let us know, we will carry out the construction responsibly.
Maintenance and inspection of water supply equipment and circulation pumps
Electric water heater, gas water heater, boiler inspection and maintenance
Inspection and maintenance of filtration circulation system
Firefighting equipment inspection and maintenance
Repair work above
Replacement of faucets and shower equipment
Various statutory inspections

Cleaning work
Please consult us about anything you need to clean or have problems with your daily life, from offices, commercial facilities, housing and welfare facilities.
Professionals with national qualifications will make better suggestions.
Daily cleaning
It is done in an effective and efficient way depending on the location. Floor cleaning such as entrance, hallway, toilet, washroom, cleaning of butts, garbage collection, etc.

Regular cleaning
In order to maintain a comfortable and clean environment, we propose and implement an annual plan. Floor cleaning, wax application, carpet cleaning, window glass cleaning, etc. Detergents use environmentally friendly alkaline electrolyzed water.

Special cleaning
Toilet coating, carpet cleaning, lighting fixture cleaning, blind cleaning, chair and sofa cleaning, wall cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, air conditioning duct cleaning, aerial cleaning, etc.

House cleaning
We also clean single-family houses, condominiums and apartments indoors, and control pests. Please feel free to contact us for individual customers.

Environmental hygiene management
Please leave the statutory inspection to SBM professionals.
Specific buildings are maintained and managed in accordant with the law.
Environmental hygiene management services are only registered by those who meet certain physical and human requirements. Qualified persons who meet strict standards will manage the building on behalf of the customer.
"Designated buildings" are buildings used in entertainment offices, department stores, stores, offices, schools, etc., and are of a considerable size.

Air environment measurement
In specified buildings, we investigate temperature, humidity, air flow, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide floating dust, etc. six times a year (every two months). We will check whether each item is within the reference value by measuring twice a day, and report it based on measures to improve it.

Water tank cleaning
Regular cleaning of water tanks and water tanks is required by law. If you do not clean properly, rust will accumulate, causing red water, or bad smell and water taste. Regular cleaning, inspection, water quality testing and providing safe and delicious water.

Control of mice, insects, etc.
In certain buildings, periodic inspections and pest control are required at least twice a year. Experts control pests and pests that occur from inside and outside the building, and maintain a comfortable environment inside the building.
In addition, please feel free to contact us as we also accept pest and pest control at home.

Drainage pipe cleaning
Drainage pipes that are not visible to the public are often overlooked, but if cleaning is not carried out, it will cause backflow due to bad odors, pestoutbreaks, clogging, etc., so we recommend regular cleaning and inspection.

Water quality testing
We conduct regular water quality tests to ensure that safe water is available in accordance with water quality standards.

Security services
Through security services, we will promote the creation of a living environment where local residents can live with peace of mind.
The living environment surrounding us is changing every day. While life is becoming more convenient, new crimes that have never happened before are also occurring. I don't know when the various heinous crimes that have been everyone else will come down to me. SBM will work to strengthen crime prevention in all aspects to prevent such crimes. It is also important for customers to raise their own awareness of crime prevention, but as a professional security agent, we will make appropriate and effective proposals.

Facility-resident security
[Entry and exit management business]
We accurately check the entry and exit of people, goods, and vehicles to prevent accidents from occurring.
[Traveling work]
We will conduct patrols inside and outside the facility accurately, report crime prevention, disaster prevention, deterioration of facilities, etc. at an early stage, and consider countermeasures together.
[Reception business]
We will also be kind and polite in responding to visitors and accepting phone calls, contributing to the smooth operation of the facility.

Parking security
I will greet you kindly and cheerfully. It is an important role to touch the customer first and send it to the end.

Security camera system
We plan various security systems, including surveillance cameras. Together with manpower, we will create a safer and more comfortable environment.

Security guard education
Through thorough security guard education, we train security guards who meet the needs of contractes. We provide practical education and on-site guidance backed by years of experience and achievements.

Energy-saving proposal – LED lighting
If you think about energy saving, replace it with LED lighting!
It is said that the amount of electricity in general households and offices accounts for 40% of lighting fixtures. If you are thinking about energy saving at home or in the office, it is an easy and effective means to turn on LED lighting.
In addition, LED lighting has about 1/10 of the power consumption compared to incandescent bulbs and 10 times or more of life, which is a major advantage that energy saving and replacement work can be saved. Compared to fluorescent lamps, not only is it energy-saving and long-lived, but it also greatly reduces the burden on the eyes due to flickering.

Various repair and repair services
From proposal to construction of extension and renovation
Where can I ask for a little repair or repair? If you have any such concerns, please contact us.
We provide various construction works from proposal to construction according to the characteristics of the facility.

Electrical equipment construction
Electrical work, outlet expansion, air conditioner installation work, lighting equipment expansion, ventilation fan installation work, switchboard replacement work, wiring work, LAN construction

Air conditioning equipment management work
Equipment installation work (new installation, existing removal and relocation)
Refrigerant pipe construction
Ventilation equipment construction

Water supply and drainage sanitation equipment construction
Inspection, maintenance and construction of water supply equipment
Inspection, maintenance and construction of drainage equipment
Inspection, maintenance and construction of boiler equipment
Drainage pipe cleaning

Construction work
Wallpaper (cross) replacement
Floor surface replacement
Painting work
Fixture repair and replacement
Renovation work in general

For inquiries and estimates, please contact us.
Please feel free to contact us.


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