Encounters with the Unknown

Encounter with the unknown "Okshizu" is not a major existence other than here. It has been known to the public in recent years by the nickname of "Oku Shizuoka area" in the mountainous area of Shizuoka City.  Since I'm an extra person (although I've lived there for a quarter of a century, I can say that I'm a local), Shizuoka Prefecture, a treasure trove of tourism, is attractive and I've been around since I moved.  Last weekend, the weather was nice and we had a great drive. I went to Okshizu for the first time in a long time. It is a route that descends from Senzu to Shimada via Igawa Dam from Umegashima.  The remaining snow begins to stand out as the Pokapoca cheerfulness of the lower world which was 16 degrees Celsius advances near the mountain. The display in the car is lowered to 3 degrees Celsius, and if you open the window, the air that touches your hand is cold.  When I suddenly look at the side of the road, a strange creature is staring at me. What the hell is this? Is it a bear? Raccoons? Or is it a fox? Well, it's not one of them. The friendly expression is adorable somehow. I wonder if I have met an unknown life form now by any chance.   I parked my car and got on my smartphone from a long distance. The enlarged photo is bokeh, but can you see the unique shape of the ear? This is a big scoop.  If you look later, the shape is close to the Japanese serow. However, it is not so similar as to be able to say for all. Who the hell are you? Why don't you take on the challenge of the unknown? For inquiries, please click here! Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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Marche of the Wind

For the kaze marche, Shizuoka is seen as a treasure trove of tourism resources. For example, on the way back from Hamamatsu, if you take a stop-taking course to Omaezaki without using the Tomei Expressway, you can taste the sea of dusk like this from the hill which went up a little. Moreover, it is a chartered state. The article of light that comes out continues to shake by dyeing the sea field golden. You're a poet, aren't you?  However, when it comes to the people of Shizuoka, there is no feeling of being active in attracting customers from other prefectures at all. I'm sorry to say, but compared to the neighboring Yamanashi, there are far more attractive spots in Shizuoka. However, Yamanashi is three times as strong as Shizuoka. I'm really trying.  It is the beginning of Shizuoka Prefecture, such as Atami, which is now one of the top tourist spots from the Kanto region. It's fun just to go around Izu based here. Sea, mountain and river food, Nanataki Onsen, regular waterfalls, museums and museums are also impressive. Even if you don't go that far, if you take two hours to climb the back mountain without the name where I live, there's a spectacular view in the media that won't be blurred.  Paradoxically, it can be said that the landscape and tranquility that are protected only because it does not sell. If you think about major tourist spots where residents have a hard time riding a bus, you may not have anything to do with it. The one with the fishing boat which remains dimly like milk with a little ink on the sea, and there is a fishing boat which is looked at there, and the one which raises the rope is raised impatiently by raising the sail and the harbor, and the one still echoes a lonely shout on the sea (Takeo Arishima / a cunning trouble that is born). It's literature, it's Poem. The countryside is good! Contact us here! Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

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Mozart in My Heart

"How's it going?" What kind of clothes are you wearing? How are you doing? Wouldn't you be willing to make up? If you don't, I'll take a shot with Burn in my honor! You're laughing anyway. Let's make our ass a sign of the signing of a peace treaty! "Yes, that's fine for me. I'm going to Paris in two weeks, but I'm going to you again today. If you are going to write to me from the town of Augsburg, write it as soon as I can. If it is not, it is one pun instead of the letter to receive it if it is after I have already stood by any chance. It's a pun! This is a fragment of Mozart's letter, a great composer from the royal aristocrats of the world. It's nice, isn't it? There is also a vocal song called "Leck mic im Arsch" that makes you feel very reverent if you listen to it without knowing it. "Let's go cheerfully Let's go cheerfully Let's complain, but there's no choice but to complain, there's no end to the seeds of real trouble, so let's go cheerfully, so let's calm my ass." Why don't you want to listen to it once? If you like the world of mania, please contact us from here! Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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