Heartbreak and Music 4

Heartbreak and Music 4

Also in my mid-20s, rather than being a love object, I had an older woman I longed for. Rather than being beautiful, she is pretty in terms of detail, and she has a bald mood. A light dialect is pleasant to the ear. I just noticed that what I like is this type of person in common. I don't care about what I look at, but at that time I weighed about 55 kilograms, and maybe it wasn't as out of balance as I am now.

A 27-year-old married man who graduated from a local national university. My husband is a salesman in Bali, and I have greeted him once. Wasn't it the same age that I met at the university? She called her partner like a friend.

It may be difficult for the public to understand, but she felt a big difference in being married. He even felt guilty that he was the only one who was happy. Because the husband was a common sense person very much, the gap might have spread further. All the people around me were those who dropped out of the world. It was a strange environment if it recalled that being "normal" stood out rather.

When a woman with severe disabilities started living alone, she became a full-time caregiver. I later participated in this person's care and became acquainted with Kiyoko-san. The pale feeling might have been gathered faintly while turning away the face.

August 12, 1985, 7:00 p.m.

On the day of my fate, we had curry and rice made by Kiyoko-san for dinner. It was a time when the three of us surrounded the chabudai and blossomed into a daily topic.


The mental image scenery of the Karakusa pattern
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